Wednesday :: Feb 26, 2014

The New York Times Ignores Their Own Poll

by Steve

The New York Times and CBS News are out with their latest poll for Thursday's paper, and going large with the "news" that Hillary has a high degree of party support for 2016. Yet the NYT is emphasizing a narrative that the Republicans are in "a stronger position" for the midterms than the Democrats.

Too bad the poll itself says nothing of the kind.

Reporters Jonathan Martin and Megan Thee-Brenan tell us in their opening sentence the following:

Republicans are in a stronger position than Democrats for this year’s midterm elections, benefiting from the support of self-described independents . .

Yet if Mr. Martin and Ms. Thee-Brenan read their own poll, they would have noted that:
-The poll's sample of independents tilted Republican by 9 points;
-Even with that slant, 55% of Republicans and independents would consider voting for a Democrat this fall;
-However, only 39% of Democrats and independents would vote for a Republican.

On the issues, this GOP-slanted poll indicates:
-54% support stricter gun laws
-65% support the $10.10 minimum wage
-65% support tax increases and cuts to bring down the deficit
-72% believe the costs of Social Security and Medicare are worth it, and
-75% feel the GOP should do more for the middle classs

And yet to the NYT, the Republicans are in a stronger position than Democrats this fall?

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