Wednesday :: Mar 5, 2014

The House GOP Should Be Held In Contempt

by Steve
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Darrell Issa was given another chance to make an ass of himself today by John Boehner, and he didn't disappoint. Issa held another Oversight and Government Reform committee hearing today on the purported IRS Tea Party targeting scandal, with an intention to destroy former IRS official Lois Lerner after he attacked her on Fox News Sunday. Not surprisingly, Lerner took the Fifth today in response after negotiations between Issa's staff and her counsel broke down in the aftermath of the Fox News smear over the weekend.

Issa made sure he lost any remaining credibility as chairman when he terminated the hearing and stopped ranking member Elijah Cummings from responding to Issa's witch hunt with a statement and his own questions for the witness. Issa had staff turn off Cummings' microphone to silence him, and ended the hearing.

Keep in mind that there is no evidence whatsoever that the White House orchestrated any Tea Party targeting, and that progressive groups were also targeted. Also keep in mind that the best way to address this issue is for the IRS to immediately enforce this provision of the tax code as it is written. But Boehner and Issa aren't interested in actually fixing anything here, they just want to scream about false conspiracies, and to keep the IRS away from the Koch brothers and the right wing funding machine.

And yet all John Boehner could do was to threaten Lerner with contempt of Congress. Contempt? Of this clown car Congress? Really Mr. Speaker? You preside over this and support this joke of a chairman, and you have the gall to talk of contempt of Congress? This House of Representatives, your House, the one you preside over, should be held in contempt, by the American people.

Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer need to go now on offense, and hold Boehner accountable publicly for his leadership of a GOP majority that proposes no actual solutions to real problems, yet remains capable of banana republic behavior like Issa's. Pelosi and Hoyer should tie Boehner to Issa, and turn the "contempt" word back upon the GOP.

Lastly, Pelosi and Hoyer should publicly state that Democrats will no longer participate in Issa's Speaker-sanctioned kangaroo court. They should also turn up the heat by advising witnesses of one-sided treatment as long as Issa is allowed by Boehner to be chair. The spotlight needs to be turned where it belongs: on a pathetic Speaker and a clown masquerading as chair.

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