Thursday :: Mar 13, 2014

Thursday Odds and Ends

by Steve

There were many things to write about today, but these stood out for me:

Senate/CIA Flap

Amongst the brouhaha over the Senate Intelligence Committee spat with the CIA, not enough people seem to be noticing that it is the Obama administration itself that is withholding documents from the Senate, nor was enough attention paid to the fact that the GOP members of the committee never seemingly wanted to investigate whether or not the CIA tortured people. Worse yet, the Obama administration is allowing an ex-Bush administration lawyer responsible for the torture program to be the one going after Senate staffers.

Dems' 2014 Survival Strategy

Of course the best way for Democrats to survive this fall is to go on offense against the GOP and the Koch Brothers.

Making Russia Pay

Should Putin go into the Ukraine, if the United States doesn’t immediately recall its ambassador and demand the G-7 expel Russia from the G-8, then Obama no longer has any legitimacy in foreign policy.

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