Tuesday :: Apr 15, 2014

Of Course They'd Shut Him Down

by Steve

With increasing talk of the GOP retaking the Senate this fall, even if only numerical control and not operational control, why after watching the full range of Republican obstructionism these last five years do members of the media question how far the GOP would go once they seized control of both houses?

Would the GOP tie down the White House into endless congressional hearings and investigations by both houses? Of course they would.

Would a GOP Senate stop Obama's ability to make appointments and get lower-court justices confirmed for the remainder of his term? Of course they would. Do you really doubt that Mitch McConnell would blockade this president for his last two years? Given the personal hatred the GOP has for this president, why is it so hard to believe that they would do everything they can to shut him down for the remainder of his term, no matter what electoral damage they would suffer as a result in 2016?

The real question right now is why the White House and its allies aren't hammering this likely outcome with the electorate for the next six months.

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