Sunday :: Apr 27, 2014

Dems May Survive 2014 After All

by Deacon Blues

There was a lot of media coverage this week on Obamacare and its effect on 2014 Senate races. My takeaway from these polls, the predictable exploding cigar that is Cliven Bundy, and its effect on the GOP’s fortunes for 2014 is that we have seen the worst of Obamacare’s electoral drag on Democrats. I think that from this point on, as more and more people sign up for coverage and as the Democrats fine-tune their message around an economic and “fix it, don’t repeal it” response on Obamacare, it is more and more likely that the Democrats hold the Senate and prevent further losses in the House.

When your opponents reveal themselves to be hapless, one-note whores dependent upon racists and elites for your survival, even Democrats can find a way to beat that.

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