Thursday :: May 8, 2014

Spare Me the Victimhood

by Deacon Blues

I had the unfortunate experience last night of coming home to watch my DVR’d “Hardball”, wherein Chris Matthews dedicated his leadoff segment to Monica Lewinsky’s “hey, remember me” piece in the current Vanity Fair. It was bad enough that Matthews, Howard Fineman, and the Post’s Nia Malika Henderson opined about how much damage Lewinsky’s re-entry into the media would do to the Clintons by reminding people that the White House went after Lewinsky before the evidence came out of the affair.

But at no time in the discussion was there any mention of the words “Linda Tripp”, or the fact that Lewinsky for her part pursued someone else’s husband. Matthews ended his show with advice that Hillary not avoid the issue, to which I’ll add this: if I were advising Hillary, I’d suggest she say “yes, Bill was wrong and showed poor judgment, and let down his family, the staff, and the country. And yes, Ms. Lewinsky was one victim in the matter. But she’s also lucky I didn’t punch her in the nose.”

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