Friday :: May 9, 2014

Pot, Meet Kettle

by Deacon Blues

The beautiful thing about the GOP's obsession with Benghazi is that the more they play to their base on the issue, the more they box themselves into a corner. Today, Rand Paul said Hillary was disqualified from being Commander in Chief because of the judgment she showed in responding to the Benghazi attack.

"The thing is, this is about judgment," Paul said. "And we're talking about, should we as a country have a commander-in-chief who didn't provide adequate security in Libya, didn't send reinforcements and then gave us nothing but spin?'"
"My opinion is that Hillary Clinton has precluded herself from ever being considered for that position," he concluded to loud cheers from the crowd.

Senator Paul, with friends like Cliven Bundy and the "Southern Avenger", you're the last person to criticize someone else's judgment. Democrats can now spend the next several years eviscerating you over your judgment and your associations.

Moreover, there is a long documentary record of bipartisan failure to adequately assess risks and provide security overseas, and several investigations where the lack of military response was not ascribed to the Secretary's office, but if you want to stick to that story and then be forced to provide such proof in a televised hearing so we can all watch you soil yourself, I'll get the popcorn and pull up a chair. It's already been shown that there's no evidence for your assertions that Hillary personally rejected requests for more Benghazi security, yet you keep lying anyway.

And while we're at it Senator, by your criteria, the GOP should never have allowed George W. Bush to run for re-election in 2004.

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