Thursday :: May 22, 2014

Little Support for California Fracking

by Deacon Blues

One glaring dark spot on Jerry Brown's record so far in Round Three of his tenure as California's chief executive has been his environmental record, specifically his support for fracking. To date Brown has been bamboozled by Big Oil's arguments of thousands of new jobs and billions in new state revenues from opening up the Central Valley to fracking.

This week, the federal government updated its technical assessment of the oil deposits accessible under the state's Monterey Shale formation in the Central Valley. Whereas previous analyses thought that large reserves were ripe for the fracking right here in the Golden State, if only we agreed to let Big Oil plunder the Central Valley, this week's analysis shows that the seismically-fractured Monterey Shale formation limits access to all but four percent of previous estimates. As if on cue, a new poll shows that two-thirds of those polled in the state want a moratorium until more study can be done.

Hopefully these developments will build support to pass the fracking moratorium bill in this session. Then the only question is whether or not Brown would veto this bill in the midst of a potential landslide reelection campaign.

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