Friday :: Jun 6, 2014

Koch Brothers: Please Look The Other Way

by Deacon Blues

The Koch Foundation is publicizing a donation of $25 million to the United Negro College Fund, a sure sign that they have been stung by the negative attention thrown their way. As expected, the tunnel-vision know-nothings on the right and in the media now say it will be harder for Democrats to villify the Kochs in the remainder of this midterm campaign.

No it won't.

While the Kochs are sending this $25 million in "please look the other way" money to the UNCF, they are still spending many multiples of that amount to prevent these black students from voting. Until the Kochs stop spending their millions to disenfranchise people of color, they are still nothing more than a couple of wealthy rightwing extremists, in other words, the financial base of the Republican Party.

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