Tuesday :: Jun 10, 2014

Shut The Hell Up McCain

by Deacon Blues

It's nothing short of hypocritical to watch the right wingers who cheerleaded for the Iraq invasion now expressing alarm at how quickly the country has devolved into a possible Al Qaeda staging ground now that we've left the country. To hear John McCain and little warriors like Jack Keane moan that we should have left thousands of troops in Iraq to keep Dick Cheney's Disaster from happening is pure bullsh*t.

When McCain and little warriors like Keane want to strap it on and go themselves, along with Cheney to invest themselves personally in the fiasco they created when they toppled Saddam and let Al Qaeda into a country they weren't in, then maybe I'll take anything they say seriously. But I didn't hear McCain or Keane, or any of the chicken-hawk draft deferring warriors like Cheney take responsibility for letting Iran and Al Qaeda into Iraq when their wet dreams went kaput. They had no endgame in mind except to tie down thousands of our troops and trillions from our treasury for perpetuity, just to stabilize a devasted country they broke to let the Chinese get the oil for free.

So shut the f*ck up McCain and the rest of you mad scientists. You and you alone bear responsibility for what is happening now.

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