Thursday :: Jun 19, 2014

Run Boys, Run

by Deacon Blues

A couple of items about GOP governors who think they are 2016 presidential material:

Wisconsin’s Scott Walker may be about to face the music for campaign finance violations tied to the Koch Brothers and the Club for Growth. A GOP federal circuit court judge owned by the Koch's and the Bradley Foundation, and with ties to the Club for Growth has already tried to shut down an investigation into Walker, but the latest twist in the matter shows the investigators have evidence that Walker and his campaign advisor were working with the Koch’s and Karl Rove to get around restrictions on campaign coordination efforts.

And if you look in the dictionary under “delusional politician”, you’ll find a picture of Texas governor Rick Perry, who apparently thinks that after his 2012 debacle he is exactly what the GOP needs in 2016. Millions of Democrats would heartily agree.

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