Sunday :: Jun 22, 2014

You Know, Hillary….

by paradox

In a particularly ugly and dismaying story 42,000 unaccompanied children from Central America have somehow made it over the Mexican border and are swamping slapped-together immigration facilities and shelters. Our presumed Democratic leader Hillary Clinton recently said this violates our laws and that they should be sent back.1

I flat-out don’t believe the alleged reason for this amazing occurrence, that tens of thousands of children were abandoned by their families because of violence. Violence from what? Murder and mayhem from the stupid drug war always comes from Mexico, not Central America. There has been zero news or reports of any civil war or sustained violent protests from Central America.

Not buying this, there is no way some kind of massive civil unrest of “violence” that would force the abandonment of 40,000 children could happen and not a whisper of it in any media. Violence may indeed be part of the daily hell these children were flung out of, but in no way could it be the sole reason, some huge breakdown of economics and basic society forced this awful migration, a desperation so intense it even overcame maternal protectiveness.

Into this impossible policy situation Hillary Clinton bluntly said they should be returned to their parents. Politics is a simple business, the best way to fail is to nuance your way into nothing, but oy this was the classic stupid conservative response to the problem and the Democratic Party and United States deserve a hell of a lot better.

Another Hillary piece when focus should be on the 2014 midterms, of course I completely agree, but the throbbing problem of President Hillary for 2016 is that it shuts out the liberal base of the Democratic Party. Again. Eight years of shutout and triangulation under Bill, six years of manipulation and blithe chucking of cherished principles under President Obama2, and now eight more years of wandering centrism from Secretary Hillary Clinton?

Stop scolding sincere good Americans who are doing nothing more than trying to stop the shutout of principles and values, who are of course near-frantically concerned another Huge Disconnect is in the making, the liberal base desperately needs action on climate, education, employment and equality—just for a minimum start—and what we’re looking at is eight years of obscenely bloated defense budgets, coddling of Wall Street criminals and an insane blithe acceptance of our employment catastrophe as the new normal.

Good luck keeping liberals quiet about that, or about the amazing deportation of 40,000 children by some childish logic and horribly blinkered acceptance of basic reality. We live and forever will exist in the reality-based community, Secretary Clinton, the Democratic Party base won’t sit here like a Fox News audience for mistakes, sorry, it’s not how we grow successfully in this complex and difficult world.

There should have been an acknowledgement that something insanely wrong has occurred in Central America when 40,000 children are flung out on some desperate rumor the United States would take them. Surely this a dreaded Security issue right in our geographic next door, the United States is vastly concerned this human distortion could lead to others that threaten us.

However the United States responds it will not be satisfactory, this is an impossible policy issue no one ever thought we’d confront and none of our immigration laws can handle. If in fact after sound deliberation a mass deportation is called from it will happen with extreme regret and worry for the human beings so callously handled in this rough world.

Secretary Clinton was and is of course a licensed attorney, a past advocate for children and a mother herself, for her quick answer of dumping children back into an environment that so horribly rejected them caused dismay and depression in the liberal mind. Flatly wrong on interpretation of the law and grossly unfeeling for the lives of abandoned human beings, a suggestion is made to sharpen up, Secretary Clinton, exercise or, perhaps, all that time in DC must have glued into your mental reality the Democratic base is stupid and unfeeling. We’re not.

You know, Hillary…this mistake doesn’t bother me too much in the scheme of things, not really…what worries me is that the pace of negative change in climate and equality accelerates every day in the United States, and I never hear precise simple solutions from you for solving them. Incredible power and hope for peace and change are right in your hands, but all that is seen is this incredible caution. Why? Stop being so centrically tentative, it’s unnecessary, the country and Party desperately need liberal solutions that work.

[1] Thank you Vox media for the legal write-up on this, the good journalism is always appreciated. Also, too, an excellent Google ranking on the story, a great job all around.

[2] Cutting Social Security was not an abandonment of cherished liberal and Democratic Party principles? I suggest an established medication under the guidance of an experienced psychotherapist. I hear good things about lithium.

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