Saturday :: Jul 5, 2014

Holding SCOTUS and the "Faithful" Accountable

by Deacon Blues

The recent Supreme Court decisions on contraception have debased that body for years to come. What Sam Alito and the rest of the Brat Pack are telling us is that discrimination by allegedly religious entities is OK, in pursuit of religious freedom, even if those beliefs are discriminatory and inconsistent (Hobby Lobby doesn’t have a problem paying for men to do whatever they want, whether that be Viagra or vasectomies). OK, then I and thousands of others also have a right to object to a private company acting in such a manner like Hobby Lobby; they should be called out and identified as such, and forced to endure scrutiny for these beliefs and behaviors, without any expectation of privacy. If you want to profit from your discrimination, then you must be accountable for the consequences and cannot complain about boycotts or political correctness.

Furthermore, I as a taxpayer shouldn’t have to subsidize such targeted discrimination either. If you are a religious entity employing such targeted discrimination, then such entities must immediately lose their state and federal tax exempt status. I’m not underwriting targeted discrimination. The original Supreme Court decisions affirming the appropriateness of nonprofit tax exempt status for churches was based on the assumption that these entities were “dedicated to social betterment”. But what if these religious entities were not interested in social betterment but instead focused on walling themselves off from change and society as a whole? Why should I as a taxpayer have to foot the bill for churches and other entities whose sole interest is in fighting societal change and keeping away people they don't agree with?

The Roberts court majority is nothing more than a cabal of political actors masquerading in robes, an unelected mob that has now sanctioned targeted discrimination over “liberty and justice for all”. As such, it's time for the country to start treating the conservative majority, including Anthony Kennedy, with scorn as just another political body pursuing an extremist agenda. Just because they may have ruled with compassion regarding gays doesn't give them a pass to discriminate against blacks, students, women, or consumers. Roberts and the rest of them should be treated as politicians and nothing more, subject to the same pressure and derision as other GOP extremists. Respect is earned, and Scalito and the boys have earned none.

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