Friday :: Jul 18, 2014

Just Another Political Prop

by Deacon Blues

Is anyone surprised that after John Boehner and the rest of the GOP browbeat the president earlier this month over the “invasion” of immigrant children rushing our borders, that Boehner now says the House GOP can’t be bothered to actually send their solution over to the Senate before they all run off to recess?

If Obama had real political skills, and knowing as he does that a significant part of the Democratic caucuses in both houses are against amending the 2008 law that contributed to this problem, he would hammer the GOP for the remainder of July over their inhumane and craven treatment of these kids as nothing more than political props, and attack the GOP for not really wanting to do anything other than score political points. He’d also point out that he’s ready to take on his own party over the 2008 law to get this issue addressed, and yet he’s still sitting ready to sign something from Congress to deal with the problem, if only the House GOP gave a damn about something more than their vacations.

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