Tuesday :: Aug 19, 2014

Ferguson's Questions and Hypocrites

by Deacon Blues

I was gone for all of last week, and I had hoped to avoid commenting on the sad spectacle in Ferguson, Missouri. Suffice it to say we still don’t know exactly how the fateful confrontation unfolded between patrol officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown, and the way the political leadership is handling this, we may never know. However, no matter how large and intimidating young Mr. Brown may have been to Officer Wilson, who has been described today in favorable terms, there still needs to be an explanation why such force was used, including two heads shots into an unarmed suspect from a distance after hitting him with four initial shots.

For the record on the matter of these protesters, if only five percent (5%) of the 78 arrested last night were actually town residents, then can we all agree that there is plenty of blame to go around well beyond Ferguson for how this tragedy is being used by many for their own purposes?

Ask yourself this: why does the right wing fringe become unglued when federal law enforcement goes after white scofflaws like Cliven Bundy, yet they remain relatively nonplussed when local law enforcement uses weapons of war to go after African American citizens in their own town? Then again, many of these same right wing fringers have no problem with young white Americans armed with assault weapons standing up to federal law enforcement officials.

Based on that, can we assume out of consistency that these same fringers would have no problem with young African Americans similarly arming themselves with assault weapons to protect themselves from an overly-aggressive local police force?

I thought so.

And to cap it off, two House GOP representatives last month said in an open congressional hearing that the Bundy fiasco demonstrated that it should be left to local law enforcement to deal with contentious issues rather than well-armed federal agencies. I wonder if the famously stupid California GOP representative Tom McClintock and Utah GOP representative Chris Stewart fully support letting local law enforcement armor-up and play soldier in the aftermath of what we've seen in Ferguson? Of course they do; when it comes to local white law enforcement acting against African Americans, you can count on the GOP to be fully supportive. Yet when it comes to federal law enforcement acting against local white scofflaws and extremists, not so much.

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