Tuesday :: Sep 16, 2014

Donate to the DSCC

by Deacon Blues

Despite my pessimism yesterday about the Democrats' chances this fall, it remains crucial for the Senate to remain in Democratic hands, unless you'd be entertained by watching two years of endless investigations, hearings, impeachment talk, stonewalled nominees, and total inaction while the country crumbled. And we haven't yet talked about what a Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would mean for the Supreme Court.

Then last night, along comes Nate Silver to surprise us with the news that his latest statistical modeling shows the GOP's chances of taking the Senate slipping. Whereas Silver previously pegged those chances at 64% two weeks ago, it has now slipped to 55% in his current model, based in some degree on the improving chances for Democratic "holds" in North Carolina and Colorado. Silver believes that a Democratic money advantage is playing a part here, which I suspect is true based on earlier reports that the large conservative Super-PACs that flooded the 2010 cycle in the immediate aftermath of the treasonous Citizens United decision were not playing as heavily in this cycle. But what Silver doesn't address is that Democrats may have better candidates than some of the putrid choices the GOP is putting up in this midterm election.

Nonetheless, two things are true: If you have only limited resources to help the party and more importantly the country right now, your best investment is to donate to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. And it might help if the DSCC branded its efforts as its own agenda rather than Barack Obama's.

Second, if Hillary Clinton wants to do some real good for the party between now and the time she announces in January, she and Bill should focus solely on helping the Democrats keep the Senate. Any time spent doing anything else for herself or any other political cause is nonproductive, ill-chosen time that calls into question why Democrats should make an investment in a Clinton candidacy for 2016.

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