Thursday :: Sep 25, 2014

Goodbye Holder

by Deacon Blues

I’d like to tell you that I’m sad to see Eric Holder leaving as Attorney General, but I’m not. He did nothing to hold Wall Street accountable for the crash. He’s done virtually nothing to help consumers. And he’s led too much from behind on civil and voting rights. Given that there were far better choices for AG when Obama picked him, it’s more a commentary on the man who picked him than Holder himself, who was never as qualified for the job as any number of seasoned prosecutors or State AG’s.

It’s also folly for the mainstream media to call Holder a prominent liberal voice in the administration while in the same sentence saying he was such a voice in the second term. It’s not a virtue to talk up voting rights and gay rights in the second term after you spent the first term going soft on voter suppression and Wall Street convictions.

And as to the nonsense in the media that Obama may have trouble getting someone confirmed to replace Holder with this or the next Senate, don’t be ridiculous. Any president, even one so bad at political power as Obama can get an AG through a hostile Senate, if they have the balls to bludgeon their political opponents for blocking such a key law enforcement appointment in a time of war against terrorists. That’s why I wish Obama would make a solid pick for his last two years and then dare the Senate to block it. But Obama isn’t likely to make such a pick.

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