Friday :: Sep 26, 2014

An Apology and Holder Re-Assessment

by Deacon Blues

I'm starting this post with an apology to commenter Suresh, whom I went after in the comments thread yesterday on my Eric Holder post. My reaction to Suresh's complaint that attacking Holder and Obama was a holdover from the 2008 Clinton-Obama fracas was strong. Suresh, for what it's worth, you have my apology.

Holder, like the rest of Obama's cabinet is a reflection of the president. My big beef with Holder simply put is that his Department of Justice has given Wall Street a pass for destroying millions of lives. Whether that is a result of Holder's own assessment that he couldn't win convictions and then didn't try very much after one early failure, or a reflection of Obama's desire to avoid all out war with the banking sector, we may never know. To me, it doesn't matter: this administration has been derelect in its duty to hold Wall Street accountable, so I am blaming both for that.

Having said that, Holder has weathered a good deal of racially-driven opposition and outright hostility from hypocritical and morally-bankrupt Republicans these last five years. He has truly been Obama's "heat shield" on some issues that the president didn't want to advocate himself, and he is now leaving for legitmate health reasons. So he's earned the right to have some plaudits and move on. Ultimately, the president is responsible for what happens, or doesn't happen on his watch.

Good luck and Godspeed Mr. Holder.

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