Friday :: Oct 24, 2014

The Bipartisan Agenda?

by Deacon Blues

I agree with Paul Krugman that David Brooks writes his column today as if Barack Obama wasn’t the moderate he is. Brooks tries to tell us that what we need right now are moderate economic policies, and goes on to state policies that Obama has already put in place (with the ACA), or tried to pursue and failed because of GOP obstructionism. Brooks has a history of writing pieces devoid of recognizing the Tea Party's toxic presence, so this is nothing new. But when you couple Brooks' blindness towards the Tea Party with his implication that Obama hasn't been moderate, what you get is a pundit with serious recognition issues.

Having said that, what is Brooks recommending?
1. A major infrastructure investment program (Democrats are not the problem here, Dave)
2. Reducing health benefits for the affluent wealthy (already done in the ACA)
3. Wage subsidies to encourage hiring of the long-term unemployed (Democrats are not the problem here, Dave)
4. Relocation subsidies targeting high unemployment (Democrats are not the problem here, Dave)
5. Tax reform to encourage work and investment, like Rubio/Lee (sounds good, the devil's in the details)
6. Immigration reform (Democrats are not the problem here, Dave)
7. A commitment to early education and affordable college education (Democrats are not the problem here, Dave)

It's a great list, and could be written by any progressive. And if you put this list in front of the 2014 and 2015 House and Senate GOP, it will be DOA, yet Brooks' false equivalency wants to blame both parties for not getting it done

Yet Brooks says one thing that rings true, that also reflects Barack Obama's failed legacy and Hillary Clinton's great opportunity:

This isn’t rocket science. Vast majorities support every idea I’ve mentioned here. It just takes a relentless focus on job creation, bold political leadership and a country willing to be shaken out of its fear.

Although Brooks is delusional in thinking that the current GOP would actually pass this agenda, if only the Black Man Wasn't In The White House, that doesn't mean Democrats shouldn't add a thing or two to this list and run far and wide with it the next two years.

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