Monday :: Nov 10, 2014

Maybe Paul Should Rethink His Talking Points

by Deacon Blues

Politico's Mike Allen tells us today that Rand Paul's 2016 plans center on attacking Hillary Clinton for being wrong on Libya and being too old for the job. Wow, there's a full argument for you.

Paul thinks that his stature as a fiscal conservative who wants less intervention overseas will sell well with independent voters. He may be right, but the real question is how will someone with that orientation even get the GOP nomination in 2016? Paul would have to get past Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, and any number of GOP governors wanting to look tough to even have the opportunity to run against Clinton. Even if he did somehow pull that off, would the GOP establishment, the defense/security industry, and John McCain toss aside their DNA just to sign onto the campaign of a green isolationist when those same people prefer Clinton's views to Paul's?

And that's before the electorate gets to weigh in on a candidate who thinks that age is an issue for women candidates, but was never an issue with St. Ronnie Reagan.

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