Tuesday :: Nov 25, 2014

Bring Out The GOP's Ugliness

by Deacon Blues

New York GOP congressman Peter King has almost outdone himself today with his suggestion that President Obama call Ferguson, Missouri police office Darren Wilson and thank him for going through a tough four months for simply doing his job.

We all know Wilson was simply doing his job and wasn't demonstrating unnecessary force when he pumped two slugs into the head of a wounded, unarmed black man at twenty-five feet, right Pete?

And King's not alone, as other members of the GOP clown car now blame Obama for the unrest in Ferguson, as if all those uppity black agitators and commies had no reason to engage in civil disobedience had it not been for Obama's pronouncements, or even his presence as the Black Man in the White House.

I wonder what these GOP Jim Crows think of white civil disobedience when it comes to Cliven Bundy protests, white pride militias acting up, or other white people when they parade around with their NRA-protected assault weapons. Not a word from King and the rest of the neo-Klansmen in the congressional GOP about those "patriots." (If you want to get whites to reconsider gun control laws, simply start an African American version of the NRA, and empower African Americans to legally walk the streets with their assault weapons.)

Does the House and Senate GOP really want to commence their new power with a race-based smear job again? Come to think of it, they really haven't stopped since the night Obama was sworn in back in 2009, so why should now be any different? Plus, the GOP has a habit of derailing incoming Democratic surges with misdirection moves away from the Democrats' desired agendas (see Bob Dole's "gays in the military" move against Clinton, Bush's Iraq surge against the newly-ascendent House Democrats in 2006, and everything Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have thrown against Obama since 2009). Maybe it's time for Democrats to launch a full frontal attack against the new GOP majority on race and equality issues and force the Republican ugly side into the sunlight early in 2015, depriving the GOP's agenda of oxygen.

With control the Congress now for the next two years, I predict the GOP will actually take a step back in time and counter the Democrats' demographic advantages in the 2016 electorate by jacking up the GOP's white base with fears over crime and safety. Watch carefully over the coming months as the GOP returns to Nixonism with a law and order focus to cloak their racism. Suddenly, we'll be hearing about crime and lawlessness as a stalking horse for racial attacks against the underclass. Even the polls will mysteriously suddenly talk more about crime and safety instead of the root causes like stagnant wages and a lack of economic opportunity. Democrats need to be ready to combat this GOP misdirection and deception effort away from economics, and point out why the GOP wants to avoid a "root cause" debate.

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