Friday :: Dec 12, 2014

Democrats Sell Out Once Again

by Deacon Blues

"This is the kind of compromise the president’s been seeking from Republicans for years now."
--Josh Earnest yesterday, explaining exactly why this president is a disaster

Yesterday’s sell-out by the White House, Steny Hoyer, and the Senate Democratic leadership on the Crominbus and gutting of Dodd-Frank should serve as a wake-up call to the progressive wing of the party these last two years. Watching Barbara Mikulsky, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Hoyer, and the White House agree to GOP ransom demands is proof that the Washington wing of the Democratic Party deserved to lose last month. Going along with banking industry efforts to weaken Dodd-Frank, and allowing big donors to bankroll the political parties (something the Tea Partiers themselves oppose) for any reason is a recipe for Beltway Democrats to incite an insurrection inside the party.

Mr. President, thanking John Boehner for gutting Dodd-Frank will come back to bite you in the ass.

Obama apologists say that this was the best deal Democrats could get with the emerging GOP majority to avoid a government shutdown or a continuing resolution that would lead to worse outcomes next year. Yet these are the same weak-kneed enablers of GOP brutality who talk of “compromise” rather than confront and expose Republicans’ work on behalf of Wall Street at the expense of Main Street. Yes, many of these Democrats themselves take the same cash, but at some point the excuses for selling out are just that: pathetic explanations that only confirm these Democrats need to leave before they do any more damage to the middle class. As for Obama himself, he’ll give a good speech sometime next year talking a good game about vetoing some spending bill because it harms Dodd-Frank, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, food stamps, or the middle class, but I won’t believe him. Obama would sell out his mom to get his legacy chiseled onto Mount Rushmore, and both Wall Street and the GOP know they’ve owned his ass since the night of his inauguration in 2009. It’s time the party realize this and figure out how to survive this White House without becoming just as irrelevant as the GOP will be.

Update: This atrocious piece of legislation, written by Citigroup with White House support, would also destroy your pension. Yet Barack Obama wants Democrats to support it as an example of bipartisan compromise.

Mr. President, nowhere in your 2012 reelection mandate were you given the freedom to destroy Dodd-Frank.

I have a better idea: tell Harry Reid and Barack Obama to go f*ck themselves. To see a "hope and change" president turn loose his allies today to attack Elizabeth Warren for calling him out, and to then call this a good bipartisan bill, speaks volumes for why the Democratic Party needs to get away from Obama and let him triangulate all he wants to hell.

And whatever you do, find a video of Senator Warren's systematic destruction of Citigroup today on the Senate floor, and then wonder why the White House and MSNBC don't want this video repeated over the weekend before the Senate votes to pass this traitorous piece of crap on Monday (Mitch McConnell cleverly is leveraging the confirmation of Democratic appointments on Monday for the evisceration of Dodd-Frank). Although Chris Matthews had the guts to run Warren's speech intact in real time during "Hardball", neither Chris Hayes nor Rachel Maddow did the same tonight (thanks Phil Griffin). And don't think for a moment that MSNBC, which is all about access to the White House, randomly decided that their lame prepackaged segments were more newsworthy than Warren laying bare the incestuous relationship between Democratic administrations and Wall Street.

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