Tuesday :: Jan 13, 2015

A Prime Example

by Deacon Blues

The Texas electorate deserves these type of idiots. Thanks to GOP gerrymandering and the collective IQ of the Republican base, this guy safely wins his seat by 25-point margins.

And he's just one of many that are given too much power in John Boehner's House GOP caucus. But then Boehner himself is about to hold the Department of Homeland Security budget hostage at a critical time unless Obama agrees to major changes in immigration policy, demanding things Boehner himself doesn't have the guts to put in a standalone GOP immigration reform bill.

So what really is the difference between the GOP fringe and their "leadership"? Nothing except title and the media's treatment of them.

Update: Representative Randy Weber apologized today for his stupid tweet yesterday, saying what he really meant was that Obama was wrong for not going to Paris to participate in the big rally yesterday. Yes congressman, you are correct that a tone-deaf president who thinks optics are beneath him except when he is campaigning made a mistake yesterday in not going or sending a high-level representative to the event. But the immaturity demonstrated by the tweet overshadowed whatever good point you were trying to make. Maybe if you spent less time playing to Fox News and the right wing echo chamber and more time focusing on expressing yourself effectively like an adult instead of a kid in his mom's basement, you might get somewhere in life. Then again, given your margin of victory, maybe you know your constituency all to well.

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