Wednesday :: Jan 28, 2015

64% Want Congress to Save Obamacare From SCOTUS

by Deacon Blues

Sometime this spring, the five conservative political hacks on the Supreme Court will rule in King v. Burwell to eviscerate the Affordable Care Act's benefit exchanges by ruling that a literal reading of the statute only requires taxpayer-paid subsidies to those enrollees in states that set up their own exchanges. This would immediately eliminate the subsidies for millions of enrollees in predominantly red states whose governors and legislatures intentionally dumped this responsibility upon the federal government.

Interestingly enough, when this happens, and trust me it will happen, almost two-thirds of Americans (64%) want Congress to remedy the situation rather than let the Affordable Care Act fail. Even a majority of Republicans would want their states to move ahead at the state level and set up their own exchanges.

Think about that the next time you see Ted Cruz or John Boehner act like a baby in demanding the repeal of Obamacare.

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