Friday :: Jan 30, 2015

Romney's Out, to Help Christie

by Deacon Blues

I was going to pen something today about the news that the American public wants the government to do something about climate chnage.

But then Mitt Romney ended three weeks of shifting signals by taking himself out of the 2016 GOP presidential contest. This came after a meeting in the last week between Jeb Bush and Romney, and after Romney made it appear based on his own comments and attacks against Hillary Clinton that he was gearing up for another run. Yet today, he made it clear that although he thinks he could win the nomination and the presidency, he's decided for the good of the party to step out of the running.

In truth, what Romney's doing is clearing the way for Chris Christie to have a clear shot at their common funders, because Romney is committed to preventing Jeb Bush from getting the nomination. Should Christie stumble and Bush navigate the pitfalls that await him and move towards the nomination, count on Romney to reconsider getting in at a later date.

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