Thursday :: Feb 5, 2015

The GOP's Phony Solutions

by Deacon Blues

GOP Alternative to Obamacare
After five years and dozens of votes to repeal Obamacare, the GOP has seized its new responsibility for leading and not obstructing by offering an alternative to Obamacare. And what exactly would the GOP alternative do?

-Remove insurance coverage from millions of Americans by rolling back the health benefit exchange subsidies and eliminating Medicaid coverage for millions;
-Allow millions of Americans to choose to be uninsured, thereby burdening the rest of us with their costs and making our insurance more costly;
-Expose hospitals to more debt from the uninsured.

About the only thing certain from the GOP proposal is that millions would join the ranks of the uninsured, and costs would resume a more aggressive upward trajectory.

Jeb's Free Ride
Yesterday, the media universally swooned over Jeb Bush’s speech to the Economic Club of Detroit, wherein he allegedly laid out an economic plan to address what ails the American economy. Except Bush did no such thing. He never offered any specific proposals, only puffery and rhetoric without any real policy prescriptions. At least the New York Times noted that "Mr. Bush offered few answers to address the problems he described."

When Hillary gives speeches for profit still as a non-candidate, she gets tagged for not laying out a specific agenda and set of policies. When Jeb admits in a speech he's re-entering the fray to deal with issues and then offers no specific policies or ideas to deal with those issues, he is applauded for talking about poor people.

We’ve seen this play before and we know how it ends. The media will have a double standard in 2016, whereby Jeb will be loved for simply not being his brother, while Hillary will be held to a different standard. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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