Friday :: Feb 6, 2015

Empty Complaints From Boehner and Ryan

by Deacon Blues

Six years in, and the same Republicans who obstructed attempts to grow more jobs are now complaining that Obama needs to do more, even in the midst of great job creation news over the last six months.

It's a sign of GOP intellectual bankruptcy that their recipes for "millions" more jobs involve the Keystone pipeline and reduced regulations. John Boehner and Paul Ryan pathetically whine today that if Obama only allowed the pipeline to be built and regulations to be rolled back that we would somehow have millions more jobs. Really? Show me John and Paul where those jobs are. Show me the millions. Show me a regulation that is currently preventing millions of jobs. Show me how your math overrules the real math that the pipeline only adds less than a hundred permanent jobs to the economy.

When Boehner, Ryan, and empty-headers like Dan Coats want to sign onto a trillion dollar, multi-year infrastructure program funded between the public and private sector, like Hillary Clinton has already done, then those little men can complain about jobs and growth. Until then, they and all Republicans who've blocked six years' of effort to stimulate the economy can sit in the corner and suck it.

These guys have had six years to think up a new agenda, and yet all they still have are the old news: cut taxes, cut regulations, and suck oil. Amazing.

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