Wednesday :: Feb 11, 2015

Wednesday Grab Bag

by Deacon Blues

Do we really have to go through a presidential election cycle, one that will include a Bush and a Clinton, without having either Jon Stewart or David Letterman?

Dodging His First Bullet
Scott Walker dodged an evolution question today in London. Excellent. Now they need to ask him “Was the earth created in seven days?”

Boots on the Ground
Are you really surprised that Obama went ahead and forced Congress to live up to its rhetoric by asking for authority for ground troops to fight ISIS?

Get Off Your Ass, John
Coming from a man who has spent the last four years running the laziest House of Representatives in history, it’s still a wonder to see John Boehner tell Democrats to get off their butts to do what he wants on the Department of Homeland Security authorization measure. Boehner has had those four years to pass an immigration reform measure, and couldn’t get off his ass to do so.

Keystone Veto Imminent
The House passed the Keystone XL pipeline bill today, setting up the eventual veto by Obama. I continue to hope that the White House makes the most of the veto ceremony.

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