Wednesday :: Feb 18, 2015

Jeb is Bush/Cheney II

by Deacon Blues

Jeb Bush rolled out a trial balloon today at Chicago, field-testing his foreign policy message for 2016. The speech succeeded in that the media reliably has overplayed the tag line "I'm my own man" (a typical Rovian maneuver), but failed to show exactly how he is different from his brother.

Jeb prescribes that the way to ensure security in the world is for America to project its power around the globe. Before you think that you misheard that, Bush's team made sure the media knew before the speech how many GOP heavyweights were advising him. And yes, after reading that many of these people have ties to Dick Cheney, your mouth drops open at the name "Paul Wolfowitz".

Actions as always speak louder than speeches, and as such, all the proof you need that Jeb is really Bush/Cheney II and not Bush 41 comes from who is missing from this list: Brett Scowcroft.

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