Friday :: Feb 20, 2015

Giuliani's Jump the Shark Week

by Deacon Blues

You've read the pathetic things Rudy Giuliani said earlier this week at a Scott Walker fundraiser in New York with GOP elites. Now, in his desperate attempts to wash the stain of racism from his skin, Rudy tells us what he said about Obama wasn't racism because Obama's mother was white.


Rudy, you weren't talking about his mom, were you? You were talking about him. And more tellingly, if Obama were white, would you be saying anything at all about him? Of course not. Instead, when caught, the best you can do is spew "socialism" or "anti-colonialism", which are the words GOP elites have been trained to say to make racist attacks and get a pass from Fox News, or when simply smearing him as "anti-American" isn't enough red meat.

(By the way Rudy, you doddering old fart, Washington and Jefferson were anti-colonialists.)

And in truth Rudy, you really are looking more and more like a publicity-starved has-been who never was, but with an ugly racial stink to you. Which means you fit right in on Fox News, where you will always be right at home.

By the way Governor Walker, good luck with your campaign. We haven't even gotten around to nailing you for your own actions. But why bother when your friends are sucking up all the oxygen?

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