Tuesday :: Mar 17, 2015

Usual GOP Behavior

by Deacon Blues
Graphic courtesy of PollingReport.com

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The GOP "Budget"
Of course the House Republicans offered a make-believe budget today that doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. Wait until the GOP has to identify the actual cuts to discretionary domestic programs they want to make in order to increase the defense budget, and then sit back and watch the fun. The moment Congressional Democrats start yelling that Republicans want to gut family health care and food stamps to pay for their next war with Iran, things will really get interesting.

Bibi's "Rally"
As for Bibi and his magical last-minute surge in the Israeli elections, given the common backers between our GOP and Likud, I’m sure the same people who steal elections here did their magic in Israel.

Hillary on the Offensive
Hillary should spend her time going on offense against the GOP generally, and preemptively gutting her Republican critics by saying “Oh that’s right; my personal emails are more important than sending our sons and daughters into a new war with Iran, or Republicans taking food stamps and health care from millions of American families.”

Make no mistake: Hillary did a stupid thing in going private with her official emails, and then compounded it with her lame and late explanations so far. What Clinton should do to neuter this “scandal” is turn her server over to the State Department Inspector General for review. Yet even now, fifty-seven percent (57%) of those polled would still be proud to have her as president.

As for Steve Kornacki and the other Hillary haters at MSNBC, shut up and take a walk around the block. Kornacki was pathetic today on “Hardball”. It's clear the MSNBC personalities want Elizabeth Warren to run; we get it. But she isn't, so stop the hating and hyperventilating.

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