Wednesday :: Mar 18, 2015

Hillary Still Beats GOP By Double-Digits

by Deacon Blues

I hate to burst the bubble of the Hillary haters at MSNBC and elsewhere, but four weeks of bad news and press coverage on Hillary's mistake with her official emails while at Foggy Bottom have hurt her so much that she . . . . beats all Republican challengers by double-digits.

The general election numbers are equally rosy for Clinton. Her slimmest lead over a Republican is 11 points over Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul. She leads former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, the two men considered the party's most likely nominees, by 15 points. She has a 13 point edge over Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

This latest CNN poll of over a thousand Americans shows that despite slippage in her favorability ratings since she was Secretary of State, her actual head-to-head numbers against real GOP challengers haven't been affected. If anything, this poll is bad news for Jeb Bush and Chris Christie, who already lose to Clinton by double-digits and already have large unfavorability and small undecided numbers. The poll has slightly better news for Scott Walker, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio because large numbers of voters don't know them yet so there is room for improvement.

But for those Beltway haters and others who get their attention hyperventilating about Hillary, get your meds.

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