Friday :: Mar 20, 2015

Friday Quick Hits: Dealing with Israel and Lynch’s Nomination

by Deacon Blues

Backtracking Bibi
So Bibi tried yesterday to walk back his pathetic pre-election comments about Arab Israeli voters and rejecting a two-state solution, as if he can now say “never mind.” Well, f*ck him and the Likud leadership. The White House is correct to send messages to Netanyahu and Likud that we’re reassessing our relationship and strategic priorities. I’m hopeful that Obama said as much to Bibi in their call yesterday, that in light of Likud’s public comments towards Arab voters and the two-state solution the United States can no longer maintain blanket support for Israel given the fact that our publicly-stated priorities no longer align. Plus, no matter how much ass-kissing John Boehner does to Bibi, American Jews have had enough of Netanyahu's cowboy BS.

We’re not at the point of recalling ambassadors or anything like that, and of course the GOP will attack Obama for holding Netanyahu and Likud accountable for their actions. But perhaps it’s time for the United States to demonstrate the divergence by stating our desire to work more closely with others in the region that share our goals, like Egypt, Jordan, and Turkey. That should get the message across really well.

Lynch's Vote and Race
John McCain growled in anger at Democratic Senator Dick Durbin’s assertion earlier this week that the Senate Republican hold on Loretta Lynch’s confirmation vote for Attorney General was based on racial bias, when the same Senate Republican leadership pushed through Ashton Carter’s confirmation as Defense Secretary even though he was nominated after Lynch. Too bad.

Get over it John; the GOP’s stalling is partly based on race and partly because Senate Democrats botched the handling of the human trafficking bill earlier this year by approving the bill in committee with anti-abortion language in it, allowing Mitch McConnell to logroll Harry Reid right now. Democrats lost this battle with self-inflicted wounds and should let the human trafficking bill come to a vote. When it passes, Democrats should insist that Lynch’s vote come immediately right after. And if it doesn’t, Durbin should again go onto the floor of the Senate with a picture of Lynch and a picture of Carter, and ask what’s different about the two. Let McCain blow another gasket, but tag the GOP for what’s really going on here.

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