Friday :: Mar 27, 2015

Reid Not Running for Re-Election

by Deacon Blues

I’m not surprised at the news that Democratic (now) Minority Leader Harry Reid is not running for reelection in 2016. His recent injury and age were enough of a reason to take stock in life and think about the attractiveness of perhaps another six years in the minority, even though the conventional wisdom is that the Democrats have a good chance at taking back the majority in 2017.

Having Chuck Schumer as the Democratic leader has advantages. He is better on TV and is a better advocate than Reid, and the fundraising would be better. It’s not at all certain that Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin would remain the Democratic Whip and Number Two under Schumer, because it’s likely that Schumer will want a woman to be in the very visible spot rather than Durbin. Unfortunately, the early word is that Patty Murray may be the choice, yet Claire McCaskill should be getting the consideration for the party’s second highest post in the Senate.

With Reid's departure, the Koch Brothers will have one less target for their millions in attack money, so that will be a plus.

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