Sunday :: Mar 29, 2015

Iran Does Obama, and Democrats a Favor

by Deacon Blues

On a day when the Arab nations finally banded together in a military alliance against Iranian aggression, that country blundered their way into perhaps killing the pending nuclear deal.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab states took steps today to form their own multinational military force to counter Iranian destabilization efforts, and did so with the assumption that they can no longer count on the United States to fully counter Tehran.

Yet at the same time, after months of willingness to have their nuclear fuel sent to Russia to verify no military usage, Iran reversed course today and said they were no longer willing to do so, which only allows the deal's critics to say "we told you so", and calls into question Iranian claims that they do not want nuclear weapons.

In the end, what Tehran wanted was to stop continued multinational sanctions. But their cleverness will backfire, as the move will kill any chance that Obama can get any real support for any deal among wavering Democrats. America's foreign policy will now resume its anti-Iran trajectory, especially with the Arab states stepping forward to confront Tehran.

And Hillary Clinton's 2016 foreign policy practically writes itself now: support for Israel and the Arab states against Iranian destabilization and Sunni extremism.

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