Thursday :: Apr 2, 2015

Hillary Still Clobbers GOP Rivals

by Deacon Blues

Yes, she's taken a pounding over her stupid and ill-advised decision to "go private" on her business emails while at Foggy Bottom. Yes, her favorable ratings and her "honesty" ratings have understandably taken a hit as a result. Yet even after a bad two months of media coverage from inside the Beltway, what does it tell you about Hillary's chances in 2016 when after all this she still clobbers potential GOP rivals by double digits?

The latest national, large-sample poll by the Washington Post/ABC News shows that although Hillary may be less popular and seen as less trustworthy than she was months ago, the public overlooks that and gives her more than 50% of the vote.

Clinton: 54%
Bush: 40%

Clinton: 58%
Cruz: 37%

Clinton: 55%
Walker: 38%

Clinton: 55%
Rubio: 38%

After seeing this, and knowing the media coverage and GOP attacks she's endured over the last two months, two questions come to mind:

1. If Bush is already losing by 14 points before his anti-gay pandering surrounding Indiana, isn't he toast?
2. Why does the media keep focusing on favorability and honesty when she has these head-to-head numbers?

The poll also shows that 55% of those polled place more value on experience than a new direction (37%), undercutting all possible GOP rivals except Bush. And again, Bush's numbers in this poll came before his stupid endorsement of anti-gay discrimination.

So with all this said, when will the Beltway (that includes you MSNBC) stop the intentional take-down efforts and focus on the fact that the public wants Hillary over the GOP by large margins even after she's been knocked off her pedestal? They won't, because they are all invested in the "nasty bitch" narrative they've created.

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