Friday :: Apr 3, 2015

A Good Iran Deal The GOP Will Try and Kill

by Deacon Blues

I’ve expressed my previous misgivings about the impending nuclear deal with Iran, given the news earlier in the week that Iran was insisting at the 11th hour to hold onto their spent nuclear fuel rather than ship it out to Russia. Now that the broad outlines of the actual deal were revealed yesterday, let me say it is better than what was (mis)reported in the days and weeks leading up the announcement.

Yes, there will still be weeks of tough final negotiations ahead over the implementing details behind each major element of the agreement. And yes, either the Iranian hardliners or GOP “War First” crowd here at home can derail this, but any deal that sharply reduces Iran’s working centrifuges and stockpiles, opens up their facilities to 15 years’ of monitoring, and has consequences for noncompliance is a far better outcome than nixing the deal, losing the multinational sanctions, and going to war.

That’s why the GOP and their war cheerleaders in the media will do everything they can to scuttle this deal. Because the same people here at home and in Israel who insisted upon the Iraq war now want another one with Iran. In fact, the GOP wants to kill this deal now and stall the war until a GOP president can be installed in the Oval in 2017 and prosecute the war themselves. The military industrial complex wants it no other way. That’s the only way to ensure more profits and more conflict funded by the American taxpayer.

And on that sad note, please have a good Easter weekend.

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