Tuesday :: Apr 21, 2015

Like Last Poll, Hillary Still Clobbers GOP Field

by Deacon Blues

CNN released its latest large sample, national head-to-head poll on the 2016 presidential race yesterday. And if the GOP was hoping that months of negative stories and attacks against Hillary Clinton would have knocked her down far enough to lose, they are disappointed this morning.

Like a similar ABC News/Washington Post poll late last month showed, the email “scandal”, Benghazi, and the alleged pay-to-play scandal between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department haven’t dented the public’s preferences for president. In fact, it could be argued that even with her negatives going up, so are Hillary’s poll numbers when matched against actual GOP competitors.

Liks she did two weeks ago, Hillary beats them all by double digits, but in some cases by larger amounts now:

Hillary beats Jeb 56%-39%
Hillary beats Christie 58%-39%
Hillary beats Rubio 55%-41%
Hillary beats Huckabee 58%-37%
Hillary beats Paul 58%-39%
Hillary beats Walker 58%-39%
Hillary beats Cruz 60%-36%

Now each of these GOP pretenders has their own billionaire oligarch to bankroll their smear campaigns against Hillary for the next 12 months, or in the case of Jeb, multiple oligarchs. All Hillary has to do is exactly what she did yesterday: do media events where she bemoans the negative attacks and questions why the GOP has nothing to offer.

The conventional wisdom inside the Beltway, which is not exactly Hillary country, is that these large head-to-head margins won't hold up and the national race will close dramatically after more months of day in and day out pounding by the GOP and their cash masters. But is that true? Her negatives and favorability ratings, as the media relentlessly reminds us, have all gone in the wrong direction since she left the State Department, and especially over the last several months of email and other "scandals". Yet the margins get bigger and bigger.

What does that tell you?

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