Tuesday :: Apr 28, 2015

What's the Real Outrage?

by Deacon Blues

Hillary Clinton is being blasted by the right wing echo chamber for alleged influence peddling while Secretary of State. Specifically, the attack is that:

Hillary Clinton knowingly sought untraceable donations from shadowy figures and disreputable countries to benefit the Clinton Global Initiative in exchange for special deals and treatment by the State Department and Obama administration.

Now do the following and tell me the difference:
-Take the words "Hillary Clinton" and replace it with "Republican elected officials";
-Take the words "shadowy figures and disreputable countries" and replace it with "the Koch brothers and other right-wing oligarchs";
-Take the words "the Clinton Global Initiative" and replace it with "the various unaccountable right wing campaign funds";
-Take the words "special deals and treatment by the State Department and Obama administration", and replace it with "control of government to serve the few at the expense of the many."

What's the difference? Unlike the charges against Hillary, there IS ample evidence every day that the GOP and its funders have taken control of the government for their own benefit.

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