Wednesday :: Apr 29, 2015

What the Drug War Did to Baltimore

by paradox

I am deeply unsettled this morning with an un-fun appointment only 50 minutes away, yet concerned enough to try and codify my distress. For the first time in my life and in all the history of American baseball a game will be played to a deliberately empty stadium, omfg the great American pastime cannot be watched because we’re too afraid.

Because we abused and neglected our cities and little people to the point where a baseball game is impossible, oh my god this is where we are. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Chief of Naval Operations and the politicians who enable you, take a real good look out your window and the budgets and wars you demand, unfathomable billions of dollars thrown away on lost wars while our country degraded to this shame. We still don’t have international security, how shocking, while the little people got scraps and the Baltimore Police Department. How proud you must be.

Via Twitter I read a devastating interview of David Simon this morning, a well-known journalist from Baltimore and HBO producer. It’s just amazing how lost we have become as a people and country with our insane drug war, Simon illustrates a horrifying city environment where the fourth amendment was completely trashed and citizens brutally locked up and imprisoned for drug violations in a hopeless environment.

Sniff with disdain cannabis legalization is a sop to the stoners if you must, again what it really represents is a blessed repudiation to the godawful destructive Stupid of the drug war, Lord above I am so sick of all the insanity of locking our people up for smoking flowers. So sick of the insane hypocrisy of legal alcohol and nicotine, very serious killers, while meek hungry stoners get busted, please, stop it, god just stop the stupidity and insanity.

We are better than this, and we will have to be. Legalize cannabis and end the drug war, how I dream of a politician being a leader with this.

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