Monday :: May 11, 2015

We Need A Twelfth Fleet

by Deacon Blues

I’ve said this before, and I will continue saying it, in the hope that Hillary Clinton or a GOP president act upon it: we need to re-commission the Navy’s Twelfth Fleet in the Eastern Mediterranean. I suggested such a thing months ago in the immediate aftermath of Vladimir Putin’s annexation of Crimea and backdoor attempt to turn Ukraine into a client state, and it’s even more necessary now that Russia and China are engaging in joint naval maneuvers in the region.

Of course, neither country has any coastline in the Mediterranean.

Not only would a Twelfth Fleet in the Eastern Mediterranean send the right message to allies and foes in the region, but it would also reassure major Sunni states and allies that America intends to maintain the security umbrella in the aftermath of any new thawing with Iran, even if that means a missile defense system and naval response capability.

Regardless of whether or not the Iranian nuclear deal outline becomes a formal agreement, the next American president will need to emphasize that our foreign policy is built on support for Israel and moderate Arab/Islamic states, and preventing aggression from any disruptive movement or state, whether it be Russia, Iran, or any bad actor. Israel and those moderate states would all welcome a stabilizing American military presence in the region as long as such a presence doesn't insert itself into their affairs and as long as responsible states commit to existing with each other. That should be a simple policy that Hillary could delineate easily, and a renewed Twelfth Fleet is a cornerstone of such a policy.

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