Tuesday :: May 12, 2015

Obama Loses Senate Democrats on TPP

by Deacon Blues

This is what happens when a 7th-year president spends too much time pleasing the opposition and Wall Street in getting a trade bill rammed through the Senate without full disclosure of what the hell is in it, and then commits the cardinal sin of slamming an expert and conscience of his own party for opposing him. Senate Democrats stopped the TPP from proceeding today, forcing Mitch McConnell to cut some deals to get it out of the Senate and on to a House that already wasn't sold on it.

Obama should have known better, and his shots at Warren were sexist and dismissive of someone who knows this stuff better than he does. And for those observers who took shots at Hillary for not stepping into the middle of this, get real. The woman isn't stupid, and there's no reason for her to bail him out of his mess after he mouthed off against Warren.

Don't kid yourself, there are plenty of economic populists right now in both parties, and Hillary gains nothing from backing up Obama and the Wall Street wing of the GOP right now. It's far easier and more beneficial for her to simply say "we have to start doing things for Main Street instead of Wall Street", than it is for her to stand with Obama and Wall Street against Warren, Joe Stiglitz, and a growing part of the 2016 electorate.

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