Tuesday :: May 26, 2015

Could Hillary Get Al Gored?

by paradox

Al Gore’s “defeat” in Election 2000 is generally ascribed to the emergence of Ralph Nader and a third Party candidacy, but we should never forget the vicious, endless persecution he received at the hands of the press, a nauseating process of Republican talking points relentlessly hammered through the media until they became hot campaign memes of themselves, the truth, dignity and the election dumped into the trash.

During on the debates Al Gore kept sighing as George Bush mouthed useless offensively untrue platitudes, but somehow the press twisted itself into ignoring what Bush said and made fun of Gore’s sighs. Sighs Matters, our gallant defenders of truth proclaimed.

Al Gore is a liar! Al Gore claimed he invented the Internet! Al Gore never claimed he invented the Internet, he said he was instrumental in creating the elements from which it came. Newt Gingrich plainly acknowledges this as the truth, but Al Gore is a Liar who said he invented the Internet blared across Election 2000 like a dino-killer meteor.

Now this pack of scurrilous, sophomoric, yammering yahoos are complaining they can’t get respect or access to Hillary Clinton for their virulently disgusting inanity. Shocking, isn’t it?

It’s a very disturbing sign that in fact the press has made up its mind about Election 2016 already and will go after Hillary Clinton like they did with Al Gore, nothing will be too stupid, trivial, or distracting for these sickening charlatans of profession to vomit out and smear the Democratic Party candidate with.

Recently there’s been some self-satisfied huffing from the political left that Secretary Clinton’s current freeze of access for the press is smart politics, she doesn’t need them, everyone despises their stupid, sleazy professional antics, and with the advent of social media outlets those relentlessly gossipy imposters of profession can be obviated.

Is that so? Paul Krugman recently hammered the point home that the United Kingdom elections were in fact a dismaying replay of our own Election 2000 in one crucial aspect: a total fabrication of reality in economic policy and history was launched by the conservatives, and Labor was completely unable or willing to effectively combat it, Labor unsurprisingly getting smashed.

Labor in the UK has social media, they’ve got Facebook and Twitter to get around the Murdoch-saturated environment of untruth, but they failed. Probably because of plain leadership failure, having the tools to get around the Clinton-hating New York Times doesn’t mean it automatically happens.

Current confidence is one thing, but we should never assume the issue of the press hating and constantly smearing as an easy one that will have negligible effect. We could, amazingly, have an election about issues if the press ever grows up, it would in fact be much better to have that environment instead of constantly beating back untruths from journalists that poor toady Stephanopolous, but it doesn’t look good.

Liberals and Democratic activists will never, ever rest on their laurels this election and allow the press another filthy replay of Election 2000, if somehow it happens in result at least the record will fiercely show how grossly offensive and unprofessional it was.

Example: I fervently hope a crucial press lesson has been learned by Secretary Clinton and that she gallantly, lavishly feeds these lapdog, whining clackers of alleged journalism at every opportunity with fine food and drink. The Republican candidate will do it, and like all sophomores the press is obsessed with status, favors and appearance, if they don’t get chardonnay, pate and veal on the plane they’ll hate you, complain about it and smear you, smugly sliding in the knife as they munch a Subway.

I know, I know, it’s ridiculous and nauseating in the extreme, but if it isn’t done the results are entirely predictable from those clowns, it’s simply absolutely necessary, please make sure it happens.

As any decent political junkie will tell you there’s a huge hole in the start of our narrative, for in a pure technical sense it wasn’t Ralph Nader or the press who stole Democracy in Election 2000, it was those jackals of judicial activism on the Supreme Court with that tragic laugher Bush vs Gore.

Should Secretary Clinton win likely she will appoint four justices and fix this awful broken institution, plainly busted for 15 years, still grindingly doing immense damage with its horribly ludicrous case against Obamacare. As a country this has to get fixed, Secretary Clinton will, and the liberal base will never, ever let the press stop it with their clattering unprofessionalism.

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