Tuesday :: Jun 2, 2015

Throw the Press a Logistics Bone, Secretary Clinton

by paradox

One good reason for sticking around politics is that it can genuinely surprise you, things seems so maddeningly stuck in the mud static and then whammo, gay people in love get American rights and cannabis is truly corporate cool, coffee buzzes of freedom coming in a K-cup.

Very out of nowhere came the recent truths and hope for some kind of accountability for the lying that got the United States of America into the Iraq war. There was very little precious truth at the time that the ridiculous claims of fear where obvious bull and incredibly nothing has been done about the felonies since, but for those like myself who were frantically against the war at least the spreading of truth and shame out of a Republican primary process, of all places, was a decent surprise.

As Dr. Atrios so astutely noted last week not only were elected public officials responsible for irreparably smashing the integrity and reputation of the United States, our scurrilous little friends in the alleged journalism corp of WaPo, NYT’s, CNN, ABC, FOX, CBS, and all the rest turned in ravenous warporn violence addicts, what a fantastic story good vs. evil is! These claims are chillingly scary! War is here, men of action in stars are American heroes, not those horrible hippes in drum circles! They couldn’t possibly be correct.

Well, we all know how that worked out. Still, the mental hubris and dismaying arrogance of our journalism cousins of course never left them, [chuckles] they simply have no memory, they threw Election 2000 into a total farce and were relentless cheerleaders for easily one of the most disastrous US foreign wars in all our history, yet they cluck around DC and proclaim themselves representatives of the public interest. Shocking, isn’t it?

The inspiration for that laughable reach came out of the recent press powwow in how to deal with the current campaign freeze of Secretary Clinton, our journalism cousins are still whining and complaining that their employment makes them whiny complaining people, that toady of nepotism Russert tweeting inanity about van accessibility yesterday. Perhaps if you stood in an unemployment line for 8 months you’d shut up with that whining, Mr. Russert, but we can only hope.

Anyway, I do agree with Mr. Waldman of the Washington Post that a little logistics help from the Clinton campaign is wise, the idea these laughable infuriating clowns are guardians of truth or representative of the little people is screamingly ridiculous, but they have the potential to do great harm, it’s very unwise to unnecessarily provoke them.

Again, there’s this oh-so-hopeful idea out there social media and the internet can obviate these warporn stenographers for the 2016 campaign, heh, well, show me that model in a real-time historical run and I’ll ecstatically believe you, in the meantime we have this election cycle to fight and win to prove it. It will be extremely difficult to do, it might be so, but our alleged journalists are still very dangerous, god so very contemptible still, and we should not further the risk by provoking them.

So feed them foie gras, champagne and trout, make sure the satellite vans have access and set up a logistics communication system for whatever they need in basics—phone numbers, maps, contact help, pet sitters, all of it. I know, I know, in this day and age in our time it’s simply necessary, I respectfully request of the Clinton campaign this be implemented immediately and we can be spared some of that awful Russert whining, god.

I actually trust Greg Sargent of the Washington Post, and his link to Mr. Paul Waldman was likely to another good journalist, I don’t know Mr. Waldman, but since the link is from Mr. Sargent it’s quite possible. In this seething hot mess of fabrication, obfuscation, allegation, and stupid immaturity called the American journalism corps there are in fact a number of very professional, very good writers still, I’d be proud to own a tenth of their resume and mental ability.

It’s quite possible that for a writer like Mr. Waldman he really does believe and live a professional life of looking out for the little people. There are indeed such amazing journalism creatures in America, Paul Krugman is one. They’re still around and incalculably valuable to the truth and the country, and they should be given a chance too, Secretary Clinton, something truly good could come of it.

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