Friday :: Jun 5, 2015

The GOP Divides America

by Deacon Blues

Perhaps not realizing how hypocritical they look, GOP presidential wanabes today are blasting Hillary for "dividing Americans" after her voting suppression critique of them yesterday.

Uh, isn't that what YOU are doing by making it harder for seniors, students, and minorities to vote?

Hillary's attack yesterday struck a nerve because she busted them for intentionally taking away voting rights from large segments of America by design. It's the GOP rather than Hillary that is dividing America, through a craven and deceitful voting suppression effort masquerading as fraud prevention efforts, all run through the RNC and funded by right-wing billionaires.

Since the GOP cannot compete in the marketplace of ideas and attract votes honestly, they're left with cheating and intentionally screwing millions of legally-voting Americans out of their right to vote. And Hillary blew the whistle on them and it hurts, just like her critiques against them on immigration reform and campaign finance hurt them. Yet don't expect the MSNBC "please run Senator Warren" crowd to notice.

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