Monday :: Jun 8, 2015

Setting the Narrative for a SCOTUS Hatchet Job

by Deacon Blues

With the Supreme Court set to rule this week in King Vs. Burwell on the legality of taxpayer subsidies in federally-operated Affordable Care Act health benefit exchanges, it is critical for the White House to set the narrative in framing any eventual politically-motivated decision undermining the law. As such, the president said today that he has no idea why the Court even took up the case.

It takes the agreement of four Supreme Court justices to accept a case for court argument and ruling. Clearly, the four most conservative justices took the case with an intent to rule that a drafting error should eliminate the subsidies and render health insurance unaffordable for over 6 million Americans in largely red states.

If you don't think that Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, Samuel Alito, and Anthony Kennedy would really do that to American families just to score political points, then you haven't been paying attention over the last several years while five political hacks have been masquerading as jurists. That's why it is so important for Obama to set the stage for any such catastrophe by painting it as a illegitimate, purely political, and nonsensical deriliction of duty by the supposedly highest court in the land.

And something that 55% of Americans think the Supreme Court should leave alone.

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