Tuesday :: Jun 9, 2015

Waiting on the Politics of American Militarism

by paradox

Watching the developing policy stances and tactics of the emerging campaigns and admiring the very effective voting rights hit from Secretary Clinton, like Heather Parton of Hullabaloo I’m rather anxiously awaiting Secretary Clinton’s position on American militarism, defense spending and the global war on terror.

Global warming reaches the same plateau of danger to the Republic as America’s disastrous militarism, and much like global warming half the freaking battle is getting accepted general acknowledgement that a screaming crisis exists.

[massages eyebrows] An incredible, astronomical $581 billion is spent annually on the DOD, and there are separate spending apparatus for various wars of any type or for any new reason. We have the most amazing Navy the world will ever see pitted against a foe that doesn’t exist. Our nuclear arsenal is stunning in breadth, and lord only knows how much is spent in black numbers from secret books.

[sigh] We are still at war in Afghanistan, and the Iraq war started up again. We have lost control over Executive war discretion (there should be none) and an effective state of war action exists in an arc from Libya, through Yemen and up to Pakistan. None of these disasters has any political outcome of success or peace.

[facepalm] An amazing, incredible array of hypocrisy and contradiction surrounds sick American defense spending. Republicans rant and rave endlessly about big government but are oblivious to the massive government required for a $581 DOD budget, my god that is huge government spending. Waste means nothing to those who love the DOD, we’re blowing up our own Humvees in Iraq now but Satan is in the works wasting taxpayer money anywhere else in DC

Defense spending is not even held to accountable outcome, how can this be so? Yet it is, Afghanistan is a failure that has achieved nothing, same with Iraq, oh well, go ahead and throw $200 billion a year at them anyway! In any other government outcome heads would roll at $2 billion spent for failure, but blood and death and hatred simply earns a larger budget in America, it’s so disconcerting and unnerving.

Needless to say Republican opposition ardently, passionately embraces US violent authoritarian militarism as the mama’s milk of our earthly and American existence, oh my god right now House Republicans are demanding more annual DOD spending, Lindsay Graham promising to blow up the globe if he’s elected.

In the midst of all this is our benevolent Democratic Party President, one of the most ardent militarists ever elected to the Republic and a very good, admirably nonchalant killer. Among all this flaming disaster of mis-spent money and bloody futile death the Democratic Party has fully signed on to the apparently endless global war on terror, huge numbers of Democratic partisans smugly aware of the peril of global warming but whistling on as militarism rages on all around us, it can be a massively disturbing, lonely feeling to watch it.

Once more I warn that this cute little missile theater in the Middle East our political leadership has so lazily accepted as war can easily spin out of control to a flaming, roaring conflagration that leads to 20,000 US combat deaths in two weeks.

For all the hundreds of billions spent on missile defense by the US Navy not once, ever, has a carrier battle group undergone a real live war test of concerted, intelligent, devious anti-ship missile attack. Many tens of billions of dollars worth of Navy hulls could be flaming wrecks in a few hours with 10,000 sailors dead, that, too, is a possibility all Americans should view as likely if we continue to always be at war.

Into this environment of nauseating discouragement enters the absolutely surety that Republican opposition would absolutely love to make Election 2016 into some farce of deadly effective US defense/gender politics, girly Hillary trapped into some ridiculous political frame of alleged weakness gleefully enabled by the yapping US journalism corps. Heather Parton is very correct to be worried about this the most in the emerging Clinton campaign, our warlike culture, terrible journalism corps and fanatic opposition make it all too possible.

Will Secretary Clinton, given the realities of American culture and current leadership, even define the problem as one to solve, let alone somehow ratchet all the insanity down with an opposition waiting for any opening to make her lose the election over it?

I don’t know, that’s an absurdly difficult political environment and stance for any politician to face and navigate. One can only wait, watch, and hope for the best, unfortunately no outcome by any American politician in this environment would ultimately allay the fears and discouragement of a little people liberal peacenik like me.

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