Tuesday :: Jul 14, 2015

Include Bernie in the National Polls

by Deacon Blues

True to form last night. Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC took a negative line against Hillary's economic agenda speech yesterday, saying that unlike Bernie Sanders, who he says has presented specific economic proposals, Hillary presented none yesterday. To be fair to O'Donnell, he's being consistent in his bias against Hillary and in favor of fellow socialist Sanders. And yes, the Sanders website contains specifics if you look around for them. But the truth is that Hillary could do everything O'Donnell demands and he still would not support her. That's just the way it is for him, and millions of others in the electorate.

But with his boomlet status and large crowds, and favorable coverage amongst some in the media, isn't it time Sanders get the full "national candidate" treatment? Isn't it time the pollsters start including Sanders in head-to-head matchup polls with potential GOP candidates? Right now, the national polls only include Hillary in all the head-to-heads. Isn't it time we see how Sanders' message and campaign is working in the real world of a general election? Why isn't a guy who is now drawing numbers in the range of 20-35% in the early states not included in head-to-head polling?

Or are the national pollsters and Beltway opinion makers afraid of what they may find when Sanders' agenda is actually put onto the national stage against the GOP drivel?

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