Wednesday :: Jul 15, 2015

Iran Deal and Its Critics

by Deacon Blues

Put aside the mindless bluster from many GOP critics about the deal with Iran over their nuclear program. Many of these critics would oppose Obama if he said the sun was coming up tomorrow. The deal contains a stronger monitoring regimen than anticipated, and does what it was intended to do: trade sanctions relief for delaying or even eliminating Iran’s ability to create nuclear weapons. For all those critics who complain that the deal doesn’t address Hezbollah, Iranian regime change, or its non-nuclear activities in the region, they intentionally are loading demands onto a cart that weren’t part of the sanctions action in the first place. The UN didn’t sanction Iran over those things; it sanctioned Iran over its advancing nuclear program, and this deal addresses that issue.

For Lindsey Graham, a man who voted and fully supported our invasion and occupation of Iraq to say that this deal is the worst foreign policy decision in our history, it only confirms that this pathetic small man hasn’t the judgment necessary to be commander in chief. I expect asinine comments from GOP governors, who couldn’t find a coherent world view if it bit them in the ass. As for Scott Walker, the Democrats should simply ask him if his position on the matter has been approved by the Koch Brothers. Jeb for his part has already soiled himself in this cycle on his flip-flopping, so we can disregard anything he or any of the other GOP clowns say. Donald Trump's expertise starts and ends at bankrupting casinos.

The deal appears to be a good deal that achieves what the sanctions intended to achieve. Nothing Bibi Netanyahu, John Boehner, or any right wing critic offers as an alternative stops Iran from going nuclear, plain and simple. But their solutions do require war and a full destabilization of the Middle East, and if Boehner, Bibi, and Dick Cheney want war, then they should send their kids into battle and tell them to suit up, instead of cheerleading from the sidelines like the limp chicken hawks they are.

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