Sunday :: Jul 19, 2015

Trump and the GOP Breaking Point

by Deacon Blues

Donald Trump’s smear of John McCain is the breaking point for the modern GOP. By attacking McCain’s Vietnam internment in the Hanoi Hilton as the mark of being a “loser” because he was captured, Trump has pushed the poison of his candidacy front and center for the GOP. Either he hits his “15 minutes” threshold now, and steadily suffers diminishing support from this point on, or worse yet for the GOP his comments don’t harm him with his Tea Party and fringe base support, and he hurtles the party to a probable third-party movement next year that capsizes the GOP as a major political party.

Please note that Ted Cruz refuses to condemn Trump’s remarks. And yet too many pundits continue to stupidly claim Cruz is a smart man. He isn’t. He’s an overrated pandering creep who bamboozles the Beltway. As for Trump calling McCain a loser, that’s a tall smear from someone whose claim to fame is bankrupting casinos and then passing the costs onto other people.

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